Pain Recovery coaching (The best resource)

Whether you decide to invest in Pain Recovery Coaching or not, we wanted to list some resources that will help you on your journey. These are all resources that I (Stacey) used when I was recovering from chronic pain and fatigue. Chronic Pain is the term we use, but many other symptoms are included, we just group them all under the umbrella of chronic pain.

This type of pain, where the brain is causing it, not the body, is also called Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), Neuroplastic Pain, or Mind-Body Pain. Fatigue, itching, or any discomfort that seems to be chronic is included. Our brains can learn pain and often the pain or discomfort starts with an injury such as plantar fasciitis, but the pain continues after the body has healed.

Working with a well trained coach was by far the best resource for me, but below is a list of resources that will help you on your way to a better understanding of what is going on, why it is happening, and how to get on your way to a pain free life!

Books that will help you get started on your chronic pain Recovery journey

YouTube Videos that have been helpful

  • Pain Free You is informational videos by Dan Buglio who has recovered from TMS.
  • Here is an episode of “20/20” where John Stossel reports on being cured of TMS just from attending one of the late Dr. Sarno’s seminars. This is very powerful!!
  • Healing Yourself videos by Nicole Sachs.