Hi!  My name is Julie Keller and I live in Reno, Nevada!  Like Stacey, I was raised in North Dakota!  A running joke with many is that North Dakota is a great place to be from (but not necessarily a great place to live!)  I am married and have a 24-year-old stepson that is currently traveling around Europe on a solo adventure!  I was lucky enough to go see him a few weeks ago and was able to travel through Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia!  What a trip!

Here’s a little bit about my background and why I’m joining Stacey on this journey to help others with Chronic Pain:

I retired last August (2022) after a 26-year career in Medical Device sales.  I spent the first 8 years selling solutions for facial trauma and orthognathic patients.  I then transitioned into selling a procedure for an extremely painful condition known as a Vertebral Compression Fracture called Kyphoplasty.  These occur most often in people with Osteoporosis.  After many years doing this, I also started working with many Pain physicians and sold implantable devices known as Pain Pumps (Targeted Drug Delivery) and Pain Stimulators (Neuromodulation devices).  It was in this new world that I was exposed to Chronic Pain patients and the limited number of non-medical resources available to them. 

It was in 1993 when Stacey had her first “bout” with Chronic Pain.  I repeatedly told her she works too much and needed to be NOT as committed to her job!!  There is no convincing this hard-working North Dakota girl to work less… The years passed and Stacey’s conditions worsened and morphed.  The helplessness I felt was terrible.  When she found out that her brain could be causing the pain, not her body, and began working with a Pain Recovery Coach, things began to get better for her, and she now lives a full life again.

We sincerely hope you will take the first steps to bettering your self and your health with Solitude Pain Recovery. 

Please schedule your free 20 minute consultation today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!